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for personalised learning

Our tools and APIs enable teachers and edtech developers to easily find and distribute personalised learning objects to their learners.

Flexible learning pathways

Build flexible learning pathways that adapt to each learner goals, offer more diverse and inclusive learning experiences and promote life-long learning.
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Learning Objects

Access to the biggest learning objects index and powerful search tools to personalise your learners’ experience.

From thousands of trusted providers


Searching for learning resources is time-consuming, full of distraction and with no guarantee to find the hidden gems. Inokufu search technology solves this and provides you with only the best and safest learning objects that fit your criteria.

Inokufu Studio

Inokufu Studio gives teachers powerful search capabilities to find the best learning objects that fit their criteria and distribute them to their learners through personalised emails, iMessages, Moodle, Teams, and more.


With 5 lines of code, developers can access 2.5M+ of carefully selected Learning Objects with enriched metadata. Our APIs provide you with one single endpoint to access all the best educational content from YouTube, Wikipedia, Coursera and more!



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