Today's Education is a Jungle

To guide you amid the good, the bad and the ugly

We are building the biggest database
of Learning Objects in the world

So far we have analyzed and classified
Learning Objects
From 2200+ data sources

We leverage these data to help our customers better
navigate and understand today Education landscape


We develop apps that enable end users to access and interact wih all the learning objects that we have analyzed and classified.

For example, Becomino is an app to discover and learn about highly-sought-after professions and in-demand skills.


We use our structured data to help our customers such as Universities or Training Centers to better understand the latest evolutions and trends in the professional training and higher education markets. 


We offer API endpoints enabling our customers such as LMS editors or EdTech companies to integrate our data and ML models directly into their own products.

We don't really like buzzword #AI but for real

We use advanced NLP + Machine Learning + human pedagogical auditors to provide the best data and models

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