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Search and learning is tied to everything we build: apps, APIs, plugins. We want you to find the right learning resources when you need it. Like finding the needle in a haystack.


We are building the biggest database of learning objects in the world. So far we have indexed 2.5M+ learning objects from 2k+ data sources. We are regularly adding new resources and data sources. Our objective is to reach more than 250M+ indexed learning objects by end of 2022.

From thousands of trusted providers

Only the best

Our indexing & data wrangling technology uses the latest advances in NLP and Machine Learning to sort and highlight the best educational contents on any topic.

Safest content

We filter out all the irrelevant & inappropriate contents, and any other fake news to provide you with only the best quality of content to your learners or students.

Easily shared

Accessing the right learning resources shouldn’t be  so hard. Want to see our data directly in MS Teams or Moodle? No problem, our plugins and APIs make it easy to connect  to  every LMS out there.


Focused on learning resources

Searching for learning resources on the web is full of challenges and distractions. It increases mental fatigue for everyone: trainers, teachers, students. By focusing on learning resources only, Inokufu Search technology helps you identify the best learning resources based on your objectives and needs.


It’s not always easy to spot fake-news and inappropriate content. Our technology filters them out and provides you with verified and safe learning resources only.


Multi format

Our objective is to index and analyse any learning objects available out there. Currently, our API gives you access to 12 formats including videos, moocs, podcasts, apps, books, ebooks, trainings, and more!

Available in seconds

Our cloud infrastructure was set up to handle high volume of users at high speed. Even when a query involves sorting through millions of Learning Objects.


Whether you are integrating our APIs in a LMS of a major University, working on a side project or a startup product, we have the infrastructure to handle your workload. We are an AWS Technology partner and our APIs are built according to the best practices and tools in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see examples of your search results?

Our data can be accessed in two ways:

  • As a developer you can access and intergrate our search technology in your own apps with our APIs.
  • A‍s a teacher/trainer, you can use our webapp called Studio, which offer a better interface to querry our data and use the same APIs behind the scene.

What is Inokufu Studio?

If you would like to get a feel for how Inokufu Search technology works without building a whole application, we also provide a webapp called Inokufu Studio. In addition to providing a convenient user interface to test queries, Inokufu Studio allows you to test the API’s URL and query parameters, such as type and Bloom filters. If you need to test do bulk testing, contact us.

How do I use the API?

You can access Inokufu APIs from our Rapid API portal here. If you would like to make calls directly, check out our full API documentation.

Can I customize my query to tune results?

Yes, that’s the whole point of Inokufu Search technology! There are a number of required and optional parameters you can use to customize your queries in order to return the most relevant results. These parameters can be specified using URL query parameters or as options when building your application with one of our client side libraries or plugins. The parameters allow you to filter results by type, bloom objectives, provider and much more. Check out the API documentations for more information on available features.

Can I see a demo?

Sure! We’re always available at

Who is behind Inokufu?

We are a small french team based in a beautiful city called Lyon, just hours from the French Alps! You can read more about us on our About page. 🤗

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